Monday, June 23, 2008

Nick and Emma's Baby Shower Cake

My dear friends Nick and Emma are expecting their first child in July, and for their baby shower, I made a two-tier chocolate and vanilla marble cake covered in chocolate fudge frosting and customized to reflect facets of their individual personalities, their marriage, and the new addition to their family. Half of the cake is devoted to Emma, so I referenced her childhood summer getaway, Camp Sloane, the book she's written entitled "Like," an Om symbol amidst the clouds for her love of yoga, and apples to reflect to her job as a teacher. On the Nick side, we have his childhood camp, Lanakila, and recreations of some of his photographs, which feature Mallomars and guacamole chips creeping up a beach. Baby animals, footprints, balloons, and flowers bring the two sides together, and the cake is topped with a cupcake from the bakery which provided the cupcakes they served at their wedding. I like to call this cake my ode to Nick and Emma.

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